"Mike has worked for me for many years as a personal chef.  He can accommodate any number of personalized meals tailored to our family's dietary needs...I'd recommend his services to anyone who whats the peace of mind to know you will have fresh, healthy meals waiting at home for you everyday."     -Pat Wheelock

"Mike has taken care of three events in our home, offering three types of service and food. First, he cooked and served and cleaned up after lunch for 12. Then he dropped a completely prepared meal for 15 for me to serve myself and lastly, he prepared appetizers, managed drinks and servers for two different cocktail party of 35 guests. As the food goes, it is creative, beautifully presented and delicious. Mike is very laid back and easy going, just the energy you want in your home before an "event".  One of our guests enjoyed chatting with him so much they hired him also!"     -Kay Lunsford

"Mike brings many wonderful attributes to the table as a professional, private chef and culinary connoisseur.  His cooking skills are truly remarkable.  The manner in which he creates a dish that both my husband and I love and our children will eat is truly an art and a miracle.  He integrates himself just enough to learn how to meet your exact needs, yet is not overbearing and is very flexible with one's changing needs.  We have had several chefs throughout the years and Mike takes the cake!"     -Tavia Hunt

"I was planning a surprise birthday meal for my husband's 40th birthday. Chef Mike listened and planned a menu that was perfect for our family occasion. I would hire Mike again without question. He did exactly what he said he would do and made the event go perfectly!"     -Linda Elsea