Michael Noyes was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont but has lived scattered across the eastern United States in Connecticut, Florida and finally arriving in Texas in 1984.  He has always had a passion for the creative arts whether it was painting, photography, writing and performing music or food.  At age 13 his first job was washing dishes at a steakhouse in West Haven, Connecticut and since then has always had an interest in the food industry whether he was aware of it or not.  In his mid 20's he traveled the country living out of a van playing music and when home (which was not often), he worked at a restaurant doing prep work where his friend was the chef.  Through those years he was picking up valuable training and insight into food and that's where the real interest took root.  When the music dream ended he dove right into cooking in many of the restaurants that at the time occupied Lower Greenville; The Fire House under Chef Bruno Mella and Daddy Jack's under Chef Jack Chaplin, most notably.

Through the 90's Mike continued working in restaurants and larger food service venues like being the chef at the executive dining room at The Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Dallas.  Central Market moved into the Plano area around 2000 and he took on the job of sous chef researching and developing recipes for the store.  A few years later around 2003 he was introduced into the world of the personal/private chef by a coworker and after a few short months was successful enough to do that exclusively.  In 2005 a friend that produced television commercials approached Mike about doing food styling for advertising.  With virtually no experience in that end of the industry, but a wealth of cooking knowledge, he dove headfirst into that along with keeping up with his clients. Within months he was doing food for regional and national multi million dollar ad campaigns for Albertson's, Frito Lay and Subway.

When the economy took a down turn in 2008 and the advertising budgets dried up, Mike once again focused on his clients and has been doing that ever since, he has even found time to teach weekly cooking classes at Sur La Table.   He has cooked for some well known celebrities and athletes in the Dallas area as well sports team owners, along with his long standing clients.  Some just call him for special events or dinners and some he cooks for several times a week to help alleviate the stress of cooking nutritious meals for families with hectic schedules or are following specific dietary program.